Korean Historical Dramas Module 2 (free open forum) June 27, 2017

Changdeok Palace, Korea. Photo by Manfred Sommer, Flickr

Module 2: June 27-August 28 (9 Weeks)

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Enjoy Cultural/Historical Dramas and make it your learning experience!

KMS 100 Korean Historical Dramas (Korean Magoist Studies Elective Course)

This class can be taken as “a cultural retreat” during which one is invited to experience and explore the gift-giving legacy of Magosim (the mytho-historical-cultural matrix of the Great Goddess) steeped in the traditional Korean Culture! Enjoy the ride and let the rest work on your behalf! Korean Historical TV dramas will take you to a magical journey of self-transcendence to the core of your own issues in life. Meet our female and male protagonists who invoke a time-proven intelligence/dream/courage in you. Experience how they strike a chord beyond borders. We will dis-cover that we are not alone in our journey of Life. We will see that our mind/heart/soul is awakened to remember, cherish and love the Life that we are given!

Description: This course offers a series of Korean Historical TV-dramas or Sageug (사극) and discusses the traits of female characters as well as general features of Korean history, culture, art, aesthetics, thought, customs, and people. What makes Korean drama so unique? What is the “secret recipe” that makes it so popular internationally? Why is it that, after a few episodes, one can‘t wait to see the next one or the next new drama? Those questions have made many wonder, from audiences to journalists and critics. Participants are invited to explore answers to these questions and more. Our emphasis is on woman’s place in history, as well as her role as creator, healer and leader; her strife to discover and reinvent herself, her inherent wisdom, her abilities to surrender, without giving up, and her potential to adapt, thrive, and ultimately transform the world she is in. Our selection of dramas qualifies high criteria in story content, character development, actor portrayal, multiplicity of ideas and values, and abilities to educate, while engaging and entertaining the viewer.

Methods: Anyone can participate in Free Open Forum without registering in Mago Academy’s website. If one wants to take this class toward Magoist Studies Certificate Program, please email Dr. Hwang (magoacademy@gmail.com).

Module 1: TBA (9 weeks)

Module 2: June 27 – August 28 (9 weeks)

Module 3: TBA (9 Weeks)

Benefits: This course (all three units) can be taken as one of the five required Elective Courses toward Magoist Studies Certificate Program.

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Facilitators: Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D. and Anna Tzanova, M.A.

Helen Hwang headshot
Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

Anna Tzanova
Anna Tzanova, M.A.