Meet Mago Scholar Amina Rodriguez

I am a mother of three remarkable young adults who have deeply inspired me in different ways to improve myself. Thanks to the influence of my daughter I became fully vegan and I am healthier than I have ever been as a result and I feel far more vibrant. I am returning myself to the flow of nature, spending as much time as possible out in nature grounding myself to mother earth who has been my main therapist, healer and comforter. I love taking pictures of birds, trees, and all in nature that calls out to me. I write poetry and I am working on writing a book about my journey within. I have simplified my life as much as possible so that I can focus on my own evolution in the hopes that I can assist in the much needed shift towards a more balanced humanity. Because there is nothing more important to me than helping the human species evolve, I need to share my belief that self-acceptance and self-expression are what help us do that. I am working on getting together my writings about a method nature inspired in me which has helped in my own evolution. I hope to convert my scattered, inspired notes into an actual book that may assist others in their own development. I have a BA in Psychology from Florida International University but my most important education has come from spending quality time with trees. I have discovered Kai Chi Do, a form of meditation in motion which has been a blessing in my life. I recently completed the Kai level instructor training and I am looking forward to continuing my journey in the Kai Chi Do experience. This practice is ideal for anyone who is on a self-healing journey. I am still healing; I am certainly a work in progress. I believe this process of growth and human evolution never ends so I feel this opportunity to share with the Mago Work is such a blessing. I hope that with some guidance I can be of some service by sharing my personal, self-healing process. I thank the Mago Work!

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