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Classes that Hearth Moon Rising teaches include Emerging Interpretations of Inanna’s Descent.

Email: hearthmoon@gmail.com

Residence: Adirondacks in northern New York

Hearth Moon Rising is a Dianic priestess and a Priestess of Ishtar in the Fellowship of Isis. She was initiated into the Craft in 1986 and has been teaching magic for over twenty-five years.

Hearth was born in Marion, Ohio and is of Irish, German-Appalachian, and Delaware Indian heritage. She has a B.A. in economics from The Ohio State University and worked after graduation in a statistics-related field. Hearth supported herself for many years reading tarot cards and doing psychic healing work before receiving her Master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University and working as a family and addictions therapist.

Hearth has been active in the women’s spiritual community since the 1980s. She lived four years on wimmin’s land and helped coordinate the Tucson Women’s Spirituality Conference in 1991 and 1992.

Hearth now lives in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York state, where she spends as much time as possible hiking, mountain biking, trail running, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing. Hearth is a Licensed Outdoor Guide.

Hearth’s 2013 book, Invoking Animal Magic: A guide for the Pagan priestess received rave reviews, and she has since contributed to two anthologies: Witchcraft Today: Sixty years on and Naming the Goddess, both published by Moon Books.

Hearth’s approach to spirituality is animistic in nature, inspired by European witchcraft but rooted in devotion to the sacredness of place. This includes a naturalistic, historic, and experiential understanding of animals, trees, mountains, and sky.

Curriculum Vitae


BA, Economics, The Ohio State University 1981
Master of Social Work, Arizona State University 1999

Initiated as Dianic priestess 1986
Ordained as Priestess of Ishtar, Fellowship of Isis, 1990
Ordained as Dianic priestess 1991

Areas of Interest:

Nature-based feminist witchcraft
Ancient religions of the Mediterranean
Matriarchal societies

Teaching experience:

Dianic Goddess Camp, Santa Cruz County CA – Workshop June 1988
Taos Women’s Conference, Taos NM­ – Workshop February 1989
Lyceum of Ishtar, Tucson AZ – Instructor 1990-1991
Tucson Women’s Spirituality Conference – Workshop March 1991, 1992, 1993

The bulk of my teaching experience has been various classes and mentorships under my own auspices since 1991. These have been formal, yet by their nature secret.

Online teaching experience:

Teleseminar with Susan Weed – January 2014
www.hearthmoonwebinars.com – Monthly webinars November 2014-present


Invoking Animal Magic: A guide for the Pagan priestess. Arlesford Hants, UK: Moon Books, 2013.

“The Dianic Tradition and the Core of Witchcraft” in Witchcraft Today: Sixty years on. Arlesford Hants, UK: Moon Books, 2014.

“The Nature of a Nature Religion” in Naming the Goddess. Arlesford Hants, UK: Moon Books, 2014.


Hearth Moon Rising’s Blog, www.hearthmoonblog.com January 2012-present
Contributor, Return to Mago, www.magoism.net July 2012-present
Moon Books Blog, www.moon-books.com/blogs/moonbooks January 2015


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Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, July 2004-present

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