Online Class: Emerging Interpretations of Inanna's Descent

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The Goddess Inanna: Her Allies and Opponents by Hearth Moon Rising

Thelma and Louise and Inanna and Ereshkigal

Title Emerging Interpretations of Inanna’s Descent

Facilitator Hearth Moon Rising (See her bio and C.V. here.) Contact email:

Time Period Three months (week of April 26, 2015-week of July 26, 2015)

Method All activities take place online. Seven online meetings (virtual discussion lecture/meetings) and additional interaction in the cyber-classroom of Google+ Community.

Class Description Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld is a powerful myth that has inspired feminist and Jungian analysis, as well as many personal interpretations. While there is nothing wrong with interpreting myth through theoretical or individual frameworks, this class looks at the myth within its cultural context.

By examining how the Sumerians and Akkadians ate, birthed, worshiped, and died, an understanding of the myth emerges that is more complex than a postmodern reading. The goddess Inanna’s strength of character emerges more fully, and the position of other characters in the story becomes more developed.

There are aspects of the myth that are uncomfortable from a twenty-first century feminist perspective, and these are better examined and discussed than glossed over. Similarly, there are details that seem unimportant initially that turn out to contain gems.

The shamanic aspects of this myth will be considered, which differentiates this exploration from a typical college course. The attitude toward religious and magical belief will be positive rather than neutral, indifferent, or derisive.  Ways of incorporating this myth within experiential contexts will be addressed.

Class Time Frame This class is for three months (one module) and will involve 7 online meetings every other week. Discussion material will be posted in the Google+ cyber-classroom prior to the session. Students can post questions and feedback there between meetings. The first online meeting will meet on Sunday, May 3rd at 3:00 PM US Eastern Daylight Time. However, students should log into the cyber-classroom during the week prior to May 3, introduce themselves, and obtain links for reading material and online meeting. Each online meeting will last approximately 1.25 hours. A portion of the online lectures will be recorded.

Participants will need a computer microphone and speakers or a computer headset. (Many computers and laptops have built-in microphone and speakers.) A WebCam is not necessary but can be accommodated. Web browsers should be up-to-date.

Cyber Classroom “Inanna’s Descent” in Google+ Community (Easy to use for beginners. Upon registration, you will be invited to join. Cyber-classroom will begin on April 26th.)

Class Fee US$150 for classroom interactions and seven online lecture meetings.

Demographics This class is for anyone who is interested in Goddess mythology. No special knowledge of Sumerian civilization required. No written assignments. Verbal participation is encouraged but not mandatory.

Class size up to 100.

Other Information In addition to the course fee, the book Invoking Animal Magic by Hearth Moon Rising is required. This book is available through bookstores and Amazon US/UK []. The book Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth by Diane Wolkstein is a suggested supplement []. Other reading materials will be provided online.

Register Now! (Enter US $125 for Early Bird by March 31 and US $150 thereafter. Mago Academy will send you the invitation to the cyber-classroom to the email you use for registration.)

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