2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea

Mago Academy is pleased to announce 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea! It is a new program prepared and facilitated by Dr. Helen Hye Sook Hwang, scholar, activist, and writer of Magoism whose scholarship is marked by her intellectual/spiritual/cosmic journey of the Way of the Great Goddess/Mago. For the last two years, she has led pilgrims from the U.S. and Australia to Korea. This year’s Mago Pilgrimage differs from the previous ones in the sense that participants take a virtual tour to Magoist cultural and historical sites in sync with Dr. Hwang’s actual journey in Korea. You are cordially invited to the virtual journey of 21 days with the focus on nine days for a self-guided retreat/meditation on the theme of the Primordial Home of the Great Goddess/Mago. I will share, among others, the metamorphic nature of the Magoist Cosmogony that I have freshly dis-covered while writing my book, The Mago Way: Re-discovering the Great Goddess from East Asia. The main focus of our virtual Mago tour is “Mago Stronghold”, located in Mt. Jiris of S. Korea, and within YOU.

Synopsis of the Program is available here.

Resources from previous Mago Pilgrimages (a few samples here):

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Date: October 11-31, 2015 (21 days, three weeks with nine days self-guided retreat/meditation)

Theme: “Dis-covering the Home/Womb/Tomb of the Great Goddess, Mago Stronghold, in Mt. Jiris, and Oneself”

Facilitator: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Read more about Dr. Hwang here.)

Description: The virtual Mago Pilgrimage will take place during the time when I lead a small group of Mago Pilgrimage in South Korea, Oct. 15-Oct. 22. I invite you and other virtual participants to walk with me through reading, viewing images and videos, meditation, and discussion on the central topics of the Great Goddess/Mago. Mago Stronghold in Mt. Jiri Range, which I will visit on Oct. 17, 18, and 19, is the cognitive focus of our intellectual, spiritual, and cosmic journey. Mago Stronghold is no small concept or place in Magoism. It is the heart of the Magoist Cosmogony, the Story of the Beginning of the Great Goddess. It refers to the Primordial Community of the Mago Clan (deities, humans, and all species) and the Earth itself. The traditional village of Mago Stronghold in Mt. Jiris holds a grand ceremony and festival of the Mago Triad in mid/late October annually, nearing September 9th on the lunar calendar. According to Master Hanpul, representative of Mago Stronghold community, whom I have known for the last three years, his community of Mago Stronghold dates back to two-thousand years in history. Mt. Jiris is well known for her sacred female energy and several thousands Shaman shrines and residences as well as renowned Buddhist temples. It is one of the high energy centers of the world.

Prayer Chambers, Blue Crane Village, Mt. Jiris
Prayer Chambers, Blue Crane Village, Mt. Jiris
Tomb of Mago, Blue Crane Village, Mt. Jiris
Tomb of Mago, Blue Crane Village, Mt. Jiris

I will provide you reading, audio/visual, and meditation materials on the multi-faceted meanings of Mago Stronghold that include the Home/Womb/Tomb of humans, the divine realm of the Nine Magos, and the Earth (Mago’s Garden) itself. It is the place/time that is temporarily forgotten but inscribed in our cultures and psyches. We will Re-member and Re-claim our common origin from the Great Goddess collectively during this special period, a time when the Nona-Goddess is celebrated across cultures. As background information, I will share with you my dis-covery of the Magoist Cosmogony, the Sacred Text of the Great Goddess/Mago, through which I have encountered the consciousness of WE/HERE/NOW.

Online discussion group will be open from Oct. 11 and I will provide reading and audio/visual materials throughout the three weeks period and the themes for the nine-day retreat/meditation. You can choose nine consecutive days at your convenience and direct yourself for the intellectual/spiritual/cosmic awakening to what the Magoist Cosmogony elicits. If you begin your first day on Oct. 21, you will synchronize with the anciently originated Nine-Day Goddess celebrations (Navratri in India and Gurang/Nine Magos in East Asia). Participating in the discussion group and sharing your nine-day medication are not mandatory. However, your questions and comments can enrich our experiences and stay harmonized with the cosmic vibration. I will arrange about one hour video meeting with you on Oct. 29. We can have a virtual reunion there!

Tools: Online group conversation, online access to a large pool of photos (freshly photographed on Oct. 17, 18, and/or 19, during and after I visit Mago Stronghold in Mt. Jiris, the Great Ritual of Opening Heaven, Mt. Triad) and videos (freshly recorded, including my interview with Master Hanpul and/or his representative, representative of Mago Stronghold Community in Mt. Jiris), emails, and/or one one hour video meeting with Dr. Hwang on Oct. 29 (Thursday).

Method: Participants will be provided reading materials including Dr. Hwang’s newly published book, The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia. Everyone is encouraged to choose 9 consecutive days for the self-guided retreat/meditation during the period of three weeks, ideally beginning on Oct. 21. Nine daily themes and readings are provided for guidance. Join the discussion group in Google+ group. We will begin with your expectations and questions about Mago Stronghold. I will respond to you within 48 hours except the time when I am travelling between Oct. 14-Oct. 23. During this time, I will upload photos and videos. Lastly, join the video meeting with me on Oct. 29 (Google Hangout). Personal contents can be sent via email. All is optional not mandatory.

Fee: $ 300 (Online reading materials and The Mago Way included)

Registration: Please fill out the form and email it to us upon paying the fee.

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Registration Form for 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage

We will use “Google + Community” for Discussion and “Google Hangout” for Meeting, which are user friendly for beginners. By Oct. 6, I will send you the invitation to both venues.



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For more information, please contact Dr. Helen Hwang (magoacademy@gmail.com).

2015 Actual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea

Date: Oct. 15-Oct. 22

Facilitator: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Places to visit: East Coast cities, Mago Stronghold Mt. Jiris, and South Coast Cities (Jinju, Goseong, Tongyeong, and Geoje Island)

Focus: Koreans and Koreans in diaspora

Oct. 15 Public Lecture and Seminar in Seoul and Gangreung

10:00-12:00 Seoul, Public Lecture for Archaic Future Lecture Series.

18:00-20:30 Gangreung. Seminar “The Nine Magos, the First in the Divine Genealogy”

Oct. 16-17: Visits to Shaman Shrines and Magoist Cultural Sites in Gangreung, Donghae, Samcheok

Oct. 17-18 Mago Stronghold in Mt. Jiris

Oct. 19-20 Hiking/Retreat/Workshop facilitated by Dr. Hwang and Master Hanpul

Oct. 21-22 Visits to South Coast Cities including Jinju, Goseong, Tongyeong, Goseong, and Geoje Island

For more information, please contact Dr. Helen Hwang (magoacademy@gmail.com).

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