(Announcement) 2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration/Call for Presentations

nine day solstice celebrarion poster 2General info and Participation Form available here.

2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration Call for Video/Audio Presentation

We are pleased to announce the Nine-Day Solstice Celebration Project to be hosted by Mago Academy beginning Dec. 14 and ending Dec. 22, Solstice, 2015. And we are seeking individuals and groups who can run or partake an hour video program for each day. The program can be recorded or live. The video link will be published in the Mago and Girl God related websites including Return to Mago E-Magazine, Mago Academy, Mago Books, the Mago Circle, and the Girl God as well as other websites and blogs of our presenters.

We anticipate the Nine-Day Solstice Celebration to be an event of joy, solidarity, and self-empowerment for us, Goddessians/Magoists and all in WE! Why the Solstice season? Celebrating the day of December Solstice would be a way of balancing ourselves, as human members of the terrestrial community including the moon, with the songs and dances of the cosmic community. Traditionally, Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere marks a new beginning of the year’s cycle for the earthly community in the North. We would take this seasonal mark as a symbol for us to recognize the oneness of the whole community, as our ancient ancestors did.

Then why for nine days? “Nine” is no arbitrary number but the symbol of the Creatrix that was widely revered by gynocentric peoples of the world. By reviving the nine symbolism, we rejoin our ancestors in the Life-affirming reality of the Great Goddess. Speaking from the perspective of Magoism, the number Nine symbolism, pre-patriarchal in origin, cross-culturally manifests in the pantheon of the Nine Goddesses/Magos. They represent Nine Goddesses known as Nine Maidens (Gurang), Nine Muses, Nine Matrikas, Nine Durgas (Nava Durga), Nine Gallicians (Gallizenaes), and Nine Gwyllions, to name a few. The number nine is also deeply embedded and widely spread in such cultures and topographies as nine Koreans (Guhan), nine dragons, nine states, nine heavens, nine waterfalls, nine-tailed fox, nine-story pagoda, and nine-nipple bell in the case of East Asia. The origin of the nine Mago symbolism is epitomized in the folk story that Mago had eight daughters and dispatched them to different islands. Mago’s daughters respectively became the shaman progenitor in those regions. Here Mago means the Great Goddess.

(Read background info, Essay 1Essay 2, and Essay 3 on the Nine-Mago Movement here.)

We have come up with tentative topics for nine days, which include (We may have two programs a day):

Day 1 (Dec. 14): Gathering at the Crossroad: Proclamation of Resuming the Nine-Goddess/Mago Tradition by Mago Sisters and Mago Circle Members hosted by Helen Hwang, Trista Hendren, Glenys Livingstone, and/or Kaalii Cargill
Day 2 (Dec. 15): Mothers and Daughters hosted by Trista Lee Hendren Løberg
Day 3 (Dec. 16): 2015 Published Goddess/Female Divine Books hosted by Hearth Moon Rising
Day 4 (Dec. 17): Seeking Inner Voice of S/HE (Meditation Guides) hosted by Marie de Kock
Day 5 (Dec. 18): She Rises Contributors Speak hosted by She Rises Planning Committee
Day 6 (Dec. 19): Goddess Pilgrimages hosted by Kaalii Cargill
Day 7 (Dec. 20): Social Justice, What is Racism? hosted by Pegi Eyers
Day 8 (Dec. 21): Maiden, Mother & Crone – A Solstice Ritual hosted by Rachael Patterson
Day 9 (Dec. 22): The Collective Rising: Our Visions and Dreams for 2016 hosted by Trista Hendren, Kaalii Cargill, and/or Helen Hwang

Possible Topics (not excluding others, please suggest):

Return to Mago Contributors Speak
Female Divine/Women’s Voices from around the Globe
Goddess Artists (Visual and Aural)
Tell your Goddess Stories
Goddess Men and Boys

General Call for Presentation (We will assign yours in one of the above nine days unless otherwise indicated)

We strongly invite you as head of organization or individual to consider joining us to make the collective voice of Goddessians/Magoists larger. You can easily adopt what you are doing to a form of 5-10 min video clip or live talk for 20 min or 60-90 min the most. Share with us your story, art, writing, and advocacy in the way you feel most confident. We are seeking a 5-10 min video (URL link) on the topic that you would like to in connection with the topics suggested above or talking live. Please let us know if you are interested in  joining in any of these topics as presenter and/or host.

Deadline is Oct. 1 but can be extended, if necessary. Please let us know (Helen Hwang/magoism@gmail.com, Trista Hendren/trista@girlgod.org, and Kaalii Cargill/kaalii@kairoscentre.com). Participation form is available here.

Call for Contributions for Each Day

Day 1: Gathering at the Crossorad for Mago Time/Space hosted by Helen Hwang, Trista Hendren, and Kaalii Cargill

Presenters: Glenys Livingstone, Lydia Ruyle, Danica Anderson, Janie Rezner, Kaalii Cargill, Trista Hendren, Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, and Mago Circle Members

Seeking individuals who would like speak about who you are, what you do with regards to Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality, and/or how the Mago Work or the Mago vision has helped you in a specific way. Meet and connect with the larger circle globally. Don’t wait until next year. Let’s connect before the end of this year!!! 

Day 2: Mothers and Daughters hosted by Trista Hendren

Contact: Trista Hendren (trista@girlgod.org)

“I would like to explore how to bring alive Goddess traditions, spirituality and activism with our daughters (young or old). Planning on the 90 min panel of 3-4 presenters. Details TBA.”

Presenters: Katharine Krueger, Susan Morgaine and others

Day 3: 2015 Published Goddess/Female Divine Books hosted by Hearth Moon Rising

Seeking contributions from authors whose books were published or will be published in 2015 for an hour-long presentation and discussion during the Nine Days of Solstice event. Books must have a spiritual feminist focus and can be fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Books only! No articles, CDs, or videos. Publication date must be 2015. Submit a picture of the book cover and your own photo in jpeg format along with a 100-200 word summary of your book in a Microsoft Word or Text file. Also include a 1 or 2 sentence biography. State whether you would be available for a short live interview and if so whether you have a WebCam. Interview and WebCam are optional. Entries will be selected to provide a good mixture of material for an hour long program and not all entries will be included. Authors selected for interview will be notified by email. Authors whose books will be included will be posted at the Mago Academy website http://magocademy.org by December 1. Send entries or questions to Hearth Moon Rises (hearthmoon@gmail.com)

Interview with Elizabeth Hardy by Hearth Moon Rising.

Day 4: Seeking Inner Voice of S/HE (Meditation Guides) hosted by Marie de Kock

Join Marie de Kock in her one hour program: I will be dong a lot of practical DOING to connect. I hope to guide women to the point where they Feel or Sense their own voice, rather than talk too much at them.

a. Introduction

b. Alignment exercises

c. Guided meditation

d. Complement the meditation with the physical connection between womb, heart and creative mind

e. Read short contributions (how other women connect to their inner voice/spirit)

f. Finish with specific exercises for the womb purification

Please submit the description of your short contribution (max. 100 word) to Marie (mariedekock@yahoo.com). Your presentation can go under “e. Read short contributions” or Marie may like to interview you.

Presenters: Mary Blair Petiet, Glenys Livingstone/Eileen Hailey, Arna Baartz and others

Day 5: She Rises Contributors Speak hosted by She Rises Planning Committee

Presenters: Kaalii Cargill and Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Day 6: Goddess Pilgrimages hosted by Kaalii Cargill

Presenters: Carol P. Christ and Helen Hwang

Day 7: Social Justice, What is Racism? hosted by Pegi Eyers

Presenters: Crystal Blanton and Jonina Lynn Kirton

Day 8: Maiden, Mother & Crone – A Solstice Ritual hosted by Rachael Patterson

Presenters: Thia Sleszynski and Jamie Reeves (www.facebook.com/Kutumbayogadallas)

Day 9: The Collective Rising: Our Visions and Dreams for 2016 hosted by Trista Hendren, Kaalii Cargill, and Helen Hwang

Seeking presenters who would like to share the vision/plan/dream/announcement/ambition of your organization or advocacy in a poster or up to 5 min short videos. You may think of a section of this program as an Announcement Time. Tell us about forthcoming news for 2016!!! Email Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com)

Presenters: Lila Moore, Jassy Watson, Anna Tzanova, Glenys Livingstone, Trista Hendren, Helen Hwang, Kaalii Cargill  and others.

Other Presenters: Xia Judy Tatum, Ayele Kumari, Angela Issacs, Elaine Charkowski and others

Other Topics: Conversation on Explore Hanguk/Korea hosted by Anna Tzanova, Rosemary Mattingley, Glenys Livingstone, and Helen Hwang


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