(Announcement) 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea


You are invited to the Circle of Mago Pilgrims beyond this event!  

Theme: “Dis-covering the Home/Womb/Tomb of the Great Goddess in Oneself via Mago Stronghold, Jiri Mountains”

Dates: Oct. 11-31 (21 days with nine-day self-guided meditation/reflection themes on the Primordial Home, Mago Stronghold)

Facilitator: Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Founder of the Mago Work)

Methods: Participant-centered. Dr. Hwang provides daily themes, topics, or resources for 21 days. Participants ask questions or comment on the theme. All are encouraged to respond and discuss. We will have one video meeting on Oct. 29 (about one hour, time TBA).

Venues: Online (Google Community and Google Hangout) 

Resources: The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia (authored by Dr. Helen Hwang, 2015 Mago Books); photos and videos freshly taken during the annual celebration of Mago in Mt. Jiris, Korea; audio-visual materials on previous Mago Pilgrimages;  Dr. Hwang’s essays on Mago and Mago Pilgrimage in Return to Mago E-Magazine; online materials provided by all participants including facilitator.

Themes for 21 Days includes: Origin and History of Mago Pilgrimage, Discovering Magoist Korea, Mytho-History of Magoism, Magoist Cosmology, Genealogy of the Great Goddess/Mago, Cross-cultural unity in Goddess traditions, Magoism and East Asian Religions, Magoist Shamans, Gynocentric Consciousness of WE/HERE/NOW.

Keywords: Mago Stronghold (Primordial Home), Return to Mago’s Origin, Magoist Cosmogony, Cosmic Music, Mago Triad, Budo (Mecca of Magoism), Old Korea, Nine Magos, Parthenogenesis.

For more details, see 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea.  Join us in the Circle of Mago Pilgrims (it is ongoing beyond this event)!

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