Ongoing Essay Award for Korean Historical Drama, Subaekhyang

Be the Essay Award Winner for Korean Historical Drama (KHD) Subaekhyang 수백향!


Mago Academy invites contestants for the Essay Contest on Korean Historical Drama on Subaekhyang (Soo Baek Hyang). Anyone from around the world can apply.


Go to Subaekyang Forum and Korean Historical Drama Online Class.


Language: English


Topic Choices:

1. What is the great love portrayed in Subaekhyang?

2. What is so special about Korean ancient culture and/or history portrayed in Subaekhyang?

3. Topic of your own choice.



A: Long Essay (1000-3000 words)

B: Short Writing (Less than 999 words)





All good but non-awarded essays may be published in Mago Academy website.


Deadline: May 31, 2016


Awardee Announcement: July 20 (Solstice), 2016 via email and Mago Academy website


Submission: Email your essay or writing submission to Include your short self-introduction (less then 100 words, including your mailing address). Self-photo or a related image is optional.


Information about Awards:
Publication in Return to Mago E-Magazine and/or Mago Academy
The Mago Way (Color Printed Book)
KHD online classes (2016 Module 3)

Mago Academy’s online classMago Academy’s online class.



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