Founding Members & Our Gift-Givings for Mago Pool Circle

“… and the day comes when she realized that she is worthy and whole, just as she is” Artwork by Nicole Shaw.

By Mago Pool Circle, we mean a circle of committed members who agree to pool some of our available resources for the benefit of all. Mago Pool Circle is an open and loose society whose members share what we have for the common goal of collective survival and prosperity. Simply put, as a member of Mago Pool Circle, one shares what s/he has in surplus, something that one has plenty that can be shared with others. One who is helped can help someone else in another form. That is, one who receives one’s free service/belonging may like to give something else to someone else who is in need. Our sharing is a free-giving that does not require something in return. In that sense, Mago Pool Circle is distinguished from a barter type of organization.

The kind of activities we are aiming to create is “pay it forward.” It is one way of revitalizing the gift-giving economy, something close to The Gift Economy that Genevieve Vaughan has advocated for decades. Speaking from a macro perspective, paying it forward is the Way of Nature in supporting Herself, while providing for all within the Ecosystem. Nature Re-Cycles. In that sense, Mago Pool Circle intends to restore the old gynocentric culture of Re-Cycling. We are meant to learn to let go and to let be. Thus, it is a spiritual practice. To give one’s valued service/belonging freely is no small act. It is an act that befits the protector of the Nature’s Way. It is counter-patriarchal in practice and in principle, undermining the very foundation of self-benefiting/other-exploiting culture. It is a positive and necessary action that we can take to enhance the quality of our surviving and thriving as a society of Goddessians/Magoists/Matriarchs. Ultimately, we are making possible the WE community as our works are geared toward the goal of cultivating the consciousness of WE, the terrestrial and cosmic totality.

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To all founding members, please indicate your contact information such as email, Facebook, or website. Thank you!


Kaalii Cargill: donation $100.

Alicia Hirschhorn: donation $100


Margreta von Pein: I live in Alamo and I can edit for Mago publications. I can edit, proofread, and teach writing and reading also to younger people. I am a retired college English teacher and a story writer.


Deanne Quarrie D Min I would like to be a part of this circle of founding members. I can contribute writing when needed, editing, social media, work on any newsletters, basic web work – just put me to work!

Deanne Quarrie. D. Min., also known as Bendis, is a Priestess of the Goddess and author of five books. She is the founder of the Apple Branch – A Dianic Tradition where she mentors women online who wish to serve as priestesses in their own communities. There she teaches courses in Feminist Dianic Wicca, Druidism, the Ogham, Runes and Northern European Mysteries. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Ocean Seminary College. She is the founder of Global Goddess, a worldwide organization open to all women who honor some form of the divine feminine and publishes the Oracle, an online magazine for Goddess Women. Deanne lives in Austin, TX where she works with her organization, Hekate’s Sanctuary, offering an open women’s circle and events for women.


Spider Redgold I offer IT skills private email lists either on one of my domain as or assistance to manage elists on magoacademy domain. I do not have the personal resources to offer $$$ but can offer time and technical or magical expertise, by email or by skype.

I am in Sydney Australia. Personally known to several in the circle, Australian, UK, Greece and USA.


Mary Blair Petiet Hello All, I can offer my social media and email activities including Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. I can write book reviews for Amazon book websites (short and informal ones) or a formal one for blogs and websites including Return to Mago E-Magazine, Mago Books, and The Girl God. I can offer my articles and my book, which is forthcoming. Here is a further thought-we could make podcasts featuring our work available on social media as well, adding audio to the visual and written.


Alaya Dannu Well, I can offer my web design skills – I’m pretty savvy, but not an industry expert. I have many resources on copyright free photos, fonts, templates…I’m currently enrolled in an MFA Creative Nonfiction program so I can assist with proofreading or editing [if extra eyes are needed].

I can also offer to write material based on the oracular nature of dreams, and dream interpretation that is not within the andro/Eurocentric/western perspective – I would use the dreams I’ve had, however, they all feature the Great Mother and antiquated philosophical themes that are found in ancient civilizations. This provides a very different interpretation and perspective on a lot of what is taught today about dreams.


Marie de Kock I am giving my book as a gift that speaks my mission for women :
“HEAL YOUR FEMININE ESSENCE: a Transformative Journey Within: for Women Who Wish to be Free.”( in PDF format) Discover the vital, forgotten information about your essentially feminine, truly magical capacity to create your own physical, material, emotional and spiritual well being; along with a comprehensive Self-Help Womb Purification and Liberation Program that equips women with powerful, positive tools for transformation. Also learn about the rejuvenating power of implosive orgasm to achieve deeply satisfying sexual pleasure: As part of the Pay Forward process, I welcome reviews of my book, my webpage and blog. www.femininessence dot club


Arna Baartz I can offer my pdfs- emotional intelligence parenting book and I am change -creative course

I am a painter, writer/poet, martial artist, educator and mother to eight fantastic children.
I have been expressing myself creatively for as long as I can remember and find it to be my way of exploring myself enough to evolve positively in an all consuming world!

My artistic and literary expression is an explorative view of the stories I see playing out around me.

Claims to fame: I have won art prizes, published books and was used as a ‘paintbrush’ at the age of two by well known Australian artist John Olsen. smile emoticon



Mary Ann Beavis: I can offer academic career coaching, especially for people in the humanities. I have years of experience and a good idea of how the system works, and how to navigate an academic career from student to Full Professor, so if anyone needs this kind of advice/support, I’m willing. Contact:








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