Meet Mago Scholar Sumaiyah Yates

Sumaiyah YatesA lifetime learner, I am in the process of “un-learning” the rules of a patriarchal society and re-membering a simpler life led by She. A former student of the Lee Memorial Theological Seminary, I received my ordination through the Universal Life Church circa 2010 and continue to pursue spiritual and religious studies daily. My college education and employment background is centered in information technology and audio visual concerns, and I utilize these skills and education for the greater good of all by offering my skills and service to the Return to Mago E-Magazine and the Mago Academy.

I am a Certified Color of Woman Teacher, Reiki Master, and Certified Intentional Creativity Coach. And am intent on building upon my educational pursuits in order to continue serving and supporting women as they navigate the path from a Divine Source that lacks any semblance of the feminine to embracing the Divine She. I have been called to be a Helper of women and I walk strong in my Purpose, boldly embracing my calling. Through the gift of drawing women together, I am able to continue to edify my Self in order to satisfy the requirements of helping others.

Founder, Owner, and Resident Artist of a Baltimore art gallery, it is in this space that I am able to call together women who are on the same pursuit: spiritual knowledge, Wisdom, and growth. Through facilitation of workshops, retreats and classes designed to give women the tools of self-healing, I guide women to develop and institute a creative spiritual practice that sustains a peaceful and mindful existence. I believe creativity is key to creating the life you desire and by handing you the literal paintbrush, I help guide you to manifesting your desires.

Living in Maryland all of my life, I am blessed with a loving and supportive husband, 3 boys, a granddaughter, 2 cats, and the cutest dog ever.

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