Who is your Shero? Become Author and Write about Her in Gynapedia

Three rays of light that create nine corners represents the Nine Mago Creatrix.

Gynapedia is live as of Equinox March 20, 2017! Check out Gynapedia, a free online gynocentric encyclopedia (http://www.gynapedia.com). 

Who is your shero, mentor, or teacher? Who has influenced you to become a feminist, activist, or Goddessian? As a feminist, activist, and Goddessian, who do you want the world know? You CAN write about her and her work in Gynapedia. Mother-daughter, friends, and a group can collectively create a page.

Unlike Wikipedia, Gynapedia Authors CAN create pages about themselves, their friends, and their organizations. In addition, they, unlike those of Wikipedia, CAN use external links to their websites and published articles (see below “How Gynapedia differs from Wikipedia). Foremost, they are strongly encouraged to use internal links to related authors and advocacies for network and collaboration. While Gynapedia provides Authors with exceptional rights and advantages, it is of utmost importance that Authors write articles within the broadly defined theme of feminism, activism, and Goddess Spirituality. All pages in Gynapedia must be written in the style of an encyclopedia article, which requires a synopsis, subsection, objective or third person voice, and/or support by researches. Table of contents is strongly recommended.

If you are interested, please email your application below to Gynapedia Administration Circle (magopoolcircle@gmail.com). You can become Gynapedia Author(s) or let our volunteers create pages for you!

What is Gynapedia? Gynapedia is a gift-sharing project supported by The Mago Work, which includes Mago Pool Circle[1], Return to Mago E-Magazine[2], Mago Academy[3], and Mago Books[4]. Administered by Gynapedia Administration Circle, Gynapedia is a collective endeavor to serve the general public as well as feminists, activists, and Godessians, broadly defined. In addition to be a compendium of comprehensive topics, Gynapedia intends to promote network and collaboration among her users across cultures and geographies. This is an English version of Gynapedia.

Gynapedia is using the platform called Mediawiki[5], a free software created and used by and for Wikipedia[6]. Note that Gynapedia is operated independently from Wikpeida especially during the first year. Registered Users, unlike Wikipedia, will be given the right of editing at Stage II, to be announced.

You can self-train to become Author and create a Page in Gynapedia. For details, see Gynapedia Author’s Handbook.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified upon selection. Please fill out the following application info and email it to Gynapedia Administration Circle (magopoolcircle@gmail.com). State “Gynapedia Authors” in the Subject of your email.  Thank you and Mago blessings to all in WE!

Important: Upon registration, email your user name to Gynapedia Admin Circle (magopoolcircle@gmail.com) so that we can assign you to the Author’s user group.

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