(Call for Presentations) 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration


Closed, please visit us here (2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration Program Outline).

2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration & Call for Video/Audio Presentations

Theme: Personal Transformation in tune with Mago Time/Space

General and previous event info about Nine Day Solstice Celebration.

Mago Academy is pleased to announce the third annual Nine Day Solstice Celebration beginning Dec. 13 and ending Dec. 21 (or Dec. 14- Dec. 22 depending on your location). We are seeking individuals and groups who can run or partake about an hour video program for each day. The program can be live and/or recorded.

The video link will be published in Mago Work related websites including Mago Academy, Mago Pool Circle, Return to Mago E-Magazine and/or Gynapedia as well as other social media including The Mago Circle.

We anticipate the Nine-Day Solstice Celebration to be an event of joy, solidarity, and self-empowerment for us, Goddess feminists/activists and all in WE!

A New Beginning is always with us in OUR Mago Time/Space, WE/HERE?NOW, wherein all beings spiral a cyclic journey in tune with all other beings. The coming December Solstice of 2017 (the Gregorian year) marks a very special new beginning, however. For we count it as Year 1 of the revived Magoist Calendar, 13 Month 28 Day gynocentric calendar, or 5915 Mago Era since the foundation of Danguk, a pre-patriarchal confederacy of nine sub-states, in 3898 BCE by the Goddess Goma. For more details about the Magoist Calendar, see Mago Almanac.

Topics/themes: Each day will have a theme. Possible topics may include but are not limited to the following; story of becoming oneself, female sexuality/spirituality, cross-cultural unity in the Goddess, women\'s self-birthing, female bonding, motherhood, mothers and daughters, raising Goddess sons, seeking inner voice, gynocentric/feminist journey/pilgrimage, meeting the female voice in literature, art, and media, love of Nature, inner healing, female alliance across borders, and Goddess men/masculinity.


  • Mago Academy will set up at least one video program for 9 days. Videos will be uploaded in the Mago Academy Youtube channel. If necessary, Mago Academy can set up a Google Hangout meeting for your program.
  • During this nine days, Mago Academy is also holding an Online Mago Festival for \"Create and Shine Your Own Nine Goddess Symbol\" during which registered participants, prize-donors, and visitors interact in an effort to revive the Nine Mago Movement. Two Virtual Villages (a few Facebook Group, Online Mago Festival, and Mago Pool Circle) will be fully operated for this onsite event.

Who Can Propose:

  • Individuals: 5-20 min video or audio presentation is acceptable.
  • Groups: An organization or group whose representative can organize one hour video meeting over a specific theme.

Presentation Ideas:

  • Lecture, interview, dance, music, art, mind/heart excercise, craft works that are previously recorded.
  • Read your own poems from your blog or book.
  • Take this opportunity to reach out colleagues and friends for creative activities.
  • Hold live meetings with the members of your group.

How to Propose: Use the proposal form below or contact Daphne Moon (priestessdaphnemoon@gmail.com), Lila Moore (lila.dancefilm@gmail.com), and/or Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com). If you are an ongoing presenter for 9DSCs, contributor for the Mago Gift Work (RTM, Mago Books, Mago Pool Circle, and/or Mago Academy), or a member of The Mago Circle, Facebook Group, you may skip an item A in the proposal form below. 

Planning Committee: Helen Hwang, Daphne Moon, Lila Moore, and Amina Rodriguez.

Deadline: Submit your recorded video(s) by November  30, 2017. If you need extension, please let us know.

Nine Day Solstice Celebration Presentation/Program Proposal Form

We have two categories you can choose from, Individual Presentation and Group Program.

A. Your name, location, contact email, and/or website/blog. If it is a Group Program, include the names and other relevant info for your presenters.
B. Presentation Category, Theme (more than one theme is possible), and Title. Indicate if you wish to join the live problem.
C. Describe your presentation/program including the length of time and method (no more than 100 words per presentation. In the case of Group Program, treat it like a penal proposal, which requires the whole program description as well as descriptions of individual presentations.). If your proposal is selected, we may ask you further information from you.
D. Would you like to volunteer as a host/facilitator, interviewer, and/or promoter of the event? If so, please let us know and we will contact you.
E. Special Need and/or Question:

Why celebrating the Nine Goddess/Mago Symbolism?

We anticipate the Nine-Day Solstice Celebration to be an event of joy, solidarity, and self-empowerment for us, Goddessians/Magoists and all in WE! Why the Solstice season? Celebrating the day of December Solstice would be a way of balancing ourselves, as human members of the terrestrial community including the moon, with the songs and dances of the cosmic community. Traditionally, Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere marks a new beginning of the year’s cycle for the earthly community in the North. We would take this seasonal mark as a symbol for us to recognize the oneness of the whole community, as our ancient ancestors did.

Then why for nine days? “Nine” is no arbitrary number but the symbol of the Creatrix that was widely revered by gynocentric peoples of the world. By reviving the nine symbolism, we rejoin our ancestors in the Life-affirming reality of the Great Goddess. Speaking from the perspective of Magoism, the number Nine symbolism, pre-patriarchal in origin, cross-culturally manifests in the pantheon of the Nine Goddesses/Magos. They represent Nine Goddesses known as Nine Maidens (Gurang), Nine Muses, Nine Matrikas, Nine Durgas (Nava Durga), Nine Gallicians (Gallizenaes), and Nine Gwyllions, to name a few. The number nine is also deeply embedded and widely spread in such cultures and topographies as nine Koreans (Guhan), nine dragons, nine states, nine heavens, nine waterfalls, nine-tailed fox, nine-story pagoda, and nine-nipple bell in the case of East Asia. The origin of the nine Mago symbolism is epitomized in the folk story that Mago had eight daughters and dispatched them to different islands. Mago’s daughters respectively became the shaman progenitor in those regions. Here Mago means the Great Goddess.

(Read background info, Essay 1Essay 2, and Essay 3 on the Nine-Mago Movement.)