(Online Mago Festival) Create and Shine Your Own Nine Goddess Symbol during 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration

Mago Academy is happy to announce the first online Mago Festival and seeks creative works (mandala, mantra, mudra, and crafts) that depict or symbolize the Goddes Triad, the Nine Goddesses/Maidens or the Nine Mago Creatrix (the Triad Mother and HER Eight Daughters), to be part of 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration during Dec. 13/14-Dec. 21-22.


During the nine days (Dec. 13/14-Dec. 21/22), Mago Academy will open Virtual Village in which our participants will display their works in Facebook Group, "Online Mago Festival". The group will remain visible to the members of The Mago Circle (Facebook Group).

Why Making the Nine Goddess Symbol?

The Nine Goddess/Mago iconography is indeed an old one, pre-patriarchal in origin, found across cultures and periods. By regenerating it in our time, we invoke the power of the Primordial Mother, the Nine Mago Creatrix, from whom everything is derived, salvific in nature. Through the Nine Goddess Symbol we create, we visualize and enact cross-cultural (pre-patriarchal in origin) unity of people that restores peace and self-healing among the terrestrial community of the Great Goddess. Most urgently, by summoning the Reality of WE/HER/NOW (Gynocentric Reality) that originates from the Great Goddess, the Nine Mago Creatrix, we debunk the derivative and corrupted nature of patriarchal cultures and cleanse its contaminations on all levels collectively.

Where gynocentric culture prevails, there perforce takes place sharing and blessing of all in WE. Reviving the Nine Mago Symbol in our time requires a befitting context, which is non-patriarchal, non-capitalist, and non-hierarchical in principle. Mago Academy aims at channeling a time/space for sharing our gifts and resources in a non-exchange economic mode. The Mago Festival reminds of us that WE/HERE/NOW is the gift of the Nine Mago Creatrix, given for free to all in WE.

If you are an artist, poet, or creative person of any medium, please give some thought on this. One can make a visual representation on the Nine Muses, Nine forms of Durga, Nine Matrikas, Nine-snake-headed Medusa, Nine-headed Guanyin, Guanyin with nine dragons, eight armed Goddesses and/or one's own encounter with the symbol of Goddess and the number nine (see below the slide images on these Goddess icons.) 

Resources about the Nine Mago Movement

How to Participate

Free of charge as a practice of the Gift Economy advocated by Genevieve Vaughan. One can register and participate in the following three-fold way (Participant, Prize-Donor, and/or Visitor):

(1) As Participant, you can upload the image(s) of your work (mandala, mudra or craft) in jpg or video file before or during the nine days (Dec. 13/14-21/22). One may post multiple works.

(2) As Prize-Donor, you can upload the image of your prizes including your books (print and/or electronic), tickets to workshops, events or goods. You may choose participants that you would like to award your prizes by commenting on the presented symbol. Describe the method of delivering your prizes upon choosing your awardee in the Comments. Any prize whose awardee remain undesignated until the end, Dec. 22 midnight PST, will be handled by the Administrative Circle.

(3) As Visitor, you can comment and make suggestions.

How to Register

Fill out the simple registration form and return it as attachment in your mails to magoacademy@gmail.com. Upon registration, you will be invited to one or both of the Virtual Villages (see below) so that you (Participants and/or Prize-Donors) may be able to post your works and/or prizes in advance.

If you are a presenter for 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration, no registration is required. You will be admitted to the Virtual Villages.

If you are a member of The Mago Circle, Facebook group, you may inform us of your participation accordingly. 


  • Mago Academy and 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration Planing Circle will select works to be included in such future projects as The Nine Mago Creatrix children's books, deck cards, and/or collective writing projects that include She Rises Volume 2, Gynapedia/Mago Wickedary of Goddess Feminist Activism, and/or Return to Mago E-Magazine.
  • They will be given onsite prizes by our Prize Donors as well as comments and responses by other participants and visitors.

Registration Form


Contact info:

Organization and/or website:

Roles (multiple roles and submissions are encouraged):

  • I would like to become Participant (    ), Prize Donor (    ), and/or Visitor (    ).
  • For Participants: List the title, medium, and/or genre as well as a brief description (max. 100 words). Don't submit your works here. You will post them directly in Virtual Villages.
  • For Prize Donors, List the item(s). Do not submit your prizes; you will directly post them in Virtual Villages as early as possible (so that you can motivate participants) and award them directly to the work that you will choose during the 9 day festival.