(Day 6) 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration

Ambika and 8 Matrikas

2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration

Theme: Personal Transformation in tune with Mago Time/Space!

December 13/14 to 21/22, 2017 (Days may vary depending on where you are located)

Planning Committee: Dr. Lila Moore, Daphne Moon, Amina Rodriguez, Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

Featured Presenters and Program Outline

Online Mago Festival

Mago Academy is happy to announce the first Online Mago Festival and seeks creative works (mandala, mantra, mudra, and crafts) that depict or symbolize the Goddess Triad, the Nine Goddesses/Maidens or the Nine Mago Creatrix (the Triad Mother and HER Eight Daughters).

How to Participate

Free of charge as a practice of the Gift Economy advocated by Genevieve Vaughan. One can register and participate in the following three-fold way (Participant, Prize-Donor, and/or Visitor). Join the virtual village of Online Mago Festival (Facebook Group), no registration is required during these nine days. One can go Live Video on the spot and share your blessings! Introduce yourself as one of the following three categories: Participant, Prize-Doner, and/or Visitor.

(1) As Participant, you can upload the image(s) of your work (mandala, mudra or craft) in jpg or video file before or during the nine days (Dec. 13/14-21/22). One may post multiple works.

(2) As Prize-Donor, you can upload the image of your prizes including your books (print and/or electronic), tickets to workshops, events or goods. You may choose participants that you would like to award your prizes by commenting on the presented symbol. Describe the method of delivering your prizes upon choosing your awardee in the Comments. Any prize whose awardee remain undesignated until the end, Dec. 22 midnight PST, will be handled by the Administrative Circle.

Use this opportunity to introduce and promote your work (your sales information of products that aligns with Goddess feminist activism can be included).

(3) As Visitor, you are encouraged to connect and support Presenters and Prize-Donors by commenting and making suggestions under the relevant posts.

(4) As Visitor, you may like to post about your own works with regards to the topics presented by daily programs. It is not mandatory but you are encouraged to share your available resources with others or pay them forward who are in need of them.

Day 6 (Dec. 18/19)

Welcome to the New Year of Year 1 (5915 Mago Era) of the Magoist Calendar!

Ambika and 8 Matrikas

Major Hindu Goddesses Presented by Indu Ramesh

Our Daughters Presented by Shireen Qudosi

The Dance of Compassion Presented by Dr. Lila Moore

Eunoia 2017 Presented by Jhilmil Breckenridge

Magoist Calendar (13 Month, 28 Day)

Year 1 or 5915 Goma Era

From Mago Almanac: 13 Month, 28 Day Calendar (Book A) by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

We just past the Leap Day on Dec. 17!

Meet the Nine Goddess Maxtrix

Major Hindu Goddesses

Presented by Indu Ramesh

On the consolidation of Indian village goddesses into major Hindu goddesses. Music, history, names, symbols, and character of India’s major goddesses today.

Indu Ramesh

I am Indu Ramesh. Worked in the state owned All India Radio for a little more than three decades in various capacities. I guess I have done everything from managing transmissions to producing radio reports, features, doing interviews and ending up as chief of the commercial station of All India Radio in Bangalore. Got the best managed station award twice in a row in the early nineties of the last century. Retired from All India Radio in1995, met Frieda at the IAWRT conference in Delhi soon after my retirement. I have been Radio shows for WINGS from Bangalore about women in general and specifically in my part of our country. One show I did on Tribal women displaced from their original habitat got me favourable mention in IAWRT competion some years ago. At age 80, I am trying to go slow, but my passion for Radio has not diminished and I am getting some friends interested in doing Radio shows.

Our Daughters

Presented by Shireen Qudosi

Beautiful yet terrifying: Midwives and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) survivors launch haunting video series on the brutal cut.

FGM victims share chilling accounts of physical brutality and psychological trauma.

The Royal College of Midwives partnered with the medical community, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) survivors, and supporting NGOs to launch a stunning three-part video series on September 12, 2017.

Narrated by FGM victims, the animated series stuns the audience with rich voices and chilling accounts of the physical brutality and psychological trauma of FGM.

Shireen Qudosi

Director of Muslim Matters, at America Matters. For over a decade, Shireen has been involved in efforts highlighting the need for a proponent of progressive Islam. She’s recognized as one of the top 10 North American Muslim reformers through her blog Qudosi Chronicles (the first Muslim blog to integrate Jewish voices), articles, speaking engagements, and the cultivation of a diverse network of secular activists within the Muslim subculture. Shireen’s experience has given her a rare expertise in forecasting where the conversation among the world’s leading thinkers and innovators is heading—while rising to the challenge of being an essential voice in the modern discourse. Shireen brings a unique global view: she was raised across three continents, merged three unique cultures into one evolving identity, and picked up six languages along the way. Her family was smuggled out of Afghanistan during the Soviet coup. In Pakistan, they faced additional complications before traveling to Iran and finally seeking asylum in Germany in 1985, and later settling in California. Given her own personal experience, Shireen has a heightened understanding of the challenges that both Europe and refugees face in the current crisis. An unlikely combination of futurist and spiritualist, Shireen is Sufi Muslim—a type of gnostic Muslim most hated by Wahhabis even above their hatred of Jews. Shireen deeply believes Islam is at a crossroads and all Muslims must wage a psychological war that annihilates old ideas to birth a new consciousness; there’s no recourse with selective interpretation or rhetoric. The situation requires predatory focus on the real problem found in Islam’s origin story. It may seem like an impossible battle, but with a genealogy that includes Mongols, Greeks, and Rajput warriors, taking on impossible battles is part of her genetic makeup. Shireen’s career spans across education and marketing. She’s worked as teacher, challenging conventional education models and supporting education reform, and has led her own team of marketing creatives through Qudosi Creative Partners, pushing thought leadership through targeted messaging in the areas of education and behavioral health. Shireen is an advisor for Women’s Voices Now and she is on the board of The La Habra Boxing Foundation. Shireen attended the School of Humanities at the University of California, Irvine, graduating with a B.A. in English and Political Science. She also attended California Western School of Law before leaving to pursue self-study in theology and journeying on a path for reform. Follow her on Twitter @ShireenQudosi

The Dance of Compassion

Presented by Dr. Lila Moore

The Dance of Compassion video is inspired by my transformative encounter with the goddess of compassion Kuan Yin at the Jade Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai. Shot & edited by Lila Moore.

Dr Lila Moore is an artist film-maker, screen choreographer, networked performance and ritual practitioner, lecturer and theorist. She holds a practice-based Ph.D. degree in Dance on Screen (2001) from Middlesex University and an M.A in Independent Film from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. She has been teaching courses in Cinema, Religion and Contemporary Spiritualities , Film and Ritual as well as Spiritual Art as part of BA and MA programmes in Mysticism and Spirituality at Zefat Academic College, UNESCO programmes, and other pioneering , multicultural educational settings. Dr Moore is the founder of the Cybernetic Futures Institute, an online academy for the study and creative exploration of technoetic arts, and the spiritual in screen dance and film. It is based on her post-doctoral project at the Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University. The courses and workshops take place online and in London, UK.

Eunoia 2017

Presented by Jhilmil Breckenridge

My work at Bhor, the work we do and how important it is for the young to focus on mental health. Also why the mental health is just health!

Jhilmil Breckenridge

Jhilmil Breckenridge is a poet, writer and activist. She is the Founder of Bhor Foundation, a mental health charity. Her areas of work are mental health, domestic violence and trauma. Jhilmil is currently working on a PhD in the UK and her poetry and other writings have been widely published and anthologised. She tweets at jhilmilspirit.


Online Mago Festival (Facebook Group) is open during 2017 Nine Day Solstice Celebration!

Why Making the Nine Goddess Symbol?

The Nine Goddess/Mago iconography is indeed an old one, pre-patriarchal in origin, found across cultures and periods. By regenerating it in our time, we invoke the power of the Primordial Mother, the Nine Mago Creatrix, from whom everything is derived, salvific in nature. Through the Nine Goddess Symbol we create, we visualize and enact cross-cultural (pre-patriarchal in origin) unity of people that restores peace and self-healing among the terrestrial community of the Great Goddess. Most urgently, by summoning the Reality of WE/HER/NOW (Gynocentric Reality) that originates from the Great Goddess, the Nine Mago Creatrix, we debunk the derivative and corrupted nature of patriarchal cultures and cleanse its contaminations on all levels collectively.

Where gynocentric culture prevails, there perforce takes place sharing and blessing of all in WE. Reviving the Nine Mago Symbol in our time requires a befitting context, which is non-patriarchal, non-capitalist, and non-hierarchical in principle. Mago Academy aims at channeling a time/space for sharing our gifts and resources in a non-exchange economic mode. The Mago Festival reminds of us that WE/HERE/NOW is the gift of the Nine Mago Creatrix, given for free to all in WE.

If you are an artist, poet, or creative person of any medium, please give some thought on this. One can make a visual representation on the Nine Muses, Nine forms of Durga, Nine Matrikas, Nine-snake-headed Medusa, Nine-headed Guanyin, Guanyin with nine dragons, eight armed Goddesses and/or one’s own encounter with the symbol of Goddess and the number nine (see below the slide images on these Goddess icons.)

Photo credited to Glenys Livingstone.

A New Beginning is always with us in OUR Mago Time/Space, WE/HERE/NOW, wherein all beings spiral a cyclic journey in tune with all other beings. The coming December Solstice of 2017 (the Gregorian year) marks a very special new beginning, however. For we count it as Year 1 of the revived Magoist Calendar, 13 Month 28 Day gynocentric calendar, or 5915 Mago Era since the foundation of Danguk, a pre-patriarchal confederacy of nine sub-states, in 3898 BCE by the Goddess Goma. For more details about the Magoist Calendar, see Mago Almanac: 13 Month 28 Day Calendar (Book A).

Photo credited to Jude Lally.

“Geometry and the human image were originally two expressions of the same divine image – the body of the universe. Number emerges from sensory matter. To the ancients, number was always founded in real and concrete human experience, and did not possess abstract universality, or “objectivity” … Pythagoras, like mathematicians after him, came to believe that mathematics is not just a language describing Nature, but in inherent in nature. “All things are numbers.” “Numbers are the first principle, indeed the very elements of the things of Nature.” (Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo)

“The menstruant kept time with her seclusions, and women kept number on their bodies. They taught us what time it is, and how to think proportionately; they taught us how to connect events together, to add them up. They taught us the power of the essential metaphor implicit in the connective word, “and.” They also taught us where in the world we are.” (Judy Grahn)

Above from Helen Hye-Sook Hwang’s “INTRODUCING MAGOIST CALENDAR: ORIGINAL BLESSING OF THE WOMB TIME” in Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess, edited by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Mary Ann Beavis (Lytle Creek, CA: Mago Books, 2017)

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Resources on the Nine Goddess/Mago Movement

Mago Almanac: 13 Month 28 Day Calendar (Book A) Free PDF download

The Mago Way: Re-discovering Mago, the Great Goddess from East Asia by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang (Free PDF download)

(Essay 1) Why Reenact the Nine-Mago Movement? by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(Essay 2) Why Reenact the Nine-Mago Movement? by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(Essay 3) Why Reenact the Nine-Mago Movement? by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

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