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Mission: Mago Academy is a gynocentric (read counter-patriarchcal) non-profit organization that channels for the birth and operation of a gynocentric economy, the maternal or Goddess/Mago way of making the business of human living possible for all on the planet. Through our programs and events, we share our available resources as a form of gift-giving to one another rather than as a trade or exchange between two contractors. Under this economic mode, money plays the role of sharing wealth among us, is not equated with our goal. Our acts necessarily summon the gynocentric reality to take place.

What we do is not only offering educational and community-building opportunities but also enabling the way of symbiotic living as part of the terrestrial eco-community. Our activities are necessarily shape-engendering, making possible feminists, activists, and spiritual practitioners to live and grow to the fullest.
History: Founded in 2012, Mago Academy has grown to coordinate with worldwide scholars and researchers for Mago Pilgrimages, online classes, nine-day solstice celebrations, and Mago Pool Circle.



For more, read Upon Inaugurating Mago Academy by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, Ph.D.

Contact Email: magoacademy@gmail.com

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