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Helen Hwang headshotDr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang has led Mago Pilgrimage to Korea since 2013. All inquires should be emailed to Dr. Hwang (magoism@gmail.com).

Essays on Mago Pilgrimage to Korea by Dr. Hwang and others include:

(Essay) On the 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea by Helen Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(2015 Mago Pilgrimage Essay 2) Neuk-do (Serpent Island) by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(2015 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea Report 1) Triad Shrines in Gangmun by Dr. Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(2014 Mago Pilgrimage Report 1) Sweat Lodge in Gyodong, Ganghwa Islands by Helen Hwang

“Mago Pilgrimage to Korea” by Glenys Livingstone published in Goddess Alive: Goddess Celebration and Research

(Video) Mago Pilgrimage 2014 by Robert Seaborne and Glenys Livingstone

(Mago Pilgrimage video 2) Ganghwa Island by Robert (Taffy) Seaborne

(Mago Pilgrimage video 1) Gangjeung Village in Jeju Island by Robert (Taffy) Seaborne

(Essay) 2014 Mago Pilgrimage by Rosemary Mattingley

(Video) 2013 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang

(Pilgrimage Essay 2) Report of First Mago Pilgrimage to Korea by Helen Hwang

(Pilgrimage Essay 1) Report of First Mago Pilgrimage to Korea by Helen Hwang

2018 Mago Pilgrimage (TBA)

poster copy2016 Mago Pilgrimage to Korea

Upcoming in June 9-22, 2016. Its theme is “In Search of Acoustic Balance in Ancient Magoist Korea.” We will explore how the Magoist cosmogonic mytheme of cosmic music is manifested in the hidden treasures of traditional Korean culture. New discoveries in modern times are imminent! Committed participants are Anna Tzanova and Dr. Mary Ann Beavis from outside Korea and Dr. Jooyoung Hong, Dr. Myungjoo Kim, Dr. Jongmyung Kim, and Dr. Heejong Woo from Korea. Places to visit include Seoul, Mago Stronghold (Jiri Mountains) and South Coastal Region, Busan, Ulsan (South Gyeongsang), Gyeongju (North Gyeongsang) and Yeongju (North Gyeongsang). All are tentative at this point.


poster english2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea!

“Dis-covering the Home/Womb/Tomb of the Great Goddess in Oneself via Mago Stronghold, Jiri Mountains”

Oct. 11-31, 2015 (21 days with nine-day self-guided meditation/reflection themes on the Primordial Home, Mago Stronghold)

See (Announcement) 2015 Virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea





Passage to Mago Stronghold, Shrine of Three Sages, Jiri Mountians

Go to 2014 Mago Pilgrimage.

Related pages: Programs and Schedule, Director and Co-facilitators, Participants, Coordinators, and Presenters, and Info in Korean 한국어 2014 마고순례.

Dates: October 7 to October 20, 2014.


Goddess in White Clothes by Elizabeth Keith

Go to 2013 Mago Pilgrimage.

Watch and read Helen Hwang’s Video 2013 Mago Pilgrimage to KoreaPilgrimage Essay 1, and Pilgrimage Essay 2.

June 6-20, 2013

Travel to South Korea:

General Info on visiting Korea: http://asiaenglish.visitkorea.or.kr/ena/AK/AK_EN_1.jsp 

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