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The Mago Work is committed to the collective cultivation of the consciousness of WE in S/HE. We aim to promote and advocate the consciousness of the Great Goddess/Mago. Please consider supporting the Mago Work in a way that suits you including volunteerism and donation. Our ongoing collective projects include the following:

Mago Books (Publishing Home)

  • Production and distribution of Vol 2 She Rises
  • Production and distribution of the second collective writing (another topic)
  • Production and distribution of Helen Hwang’s book on Mago

Return to Mago (Online Magazine)

  • Soliciting, copy-editing, and publishing contributions from new and current contributors
  • Hosting video/audio lectures on Goddess feminism, activism, and spirituality previously produced and cross-posting them by Mago/Goddess Collectives
  • Planning and hosting video meetings periodically by Return to Mago contributors
  • Planning and hosting video meetings the Nine-Day-Celebration for December Solstice beginning on the day of Solstice

Mago Academy:

  • Hosting online classes and workshops (proposals are accepted)
  • Hosting online classes on Magoism
  • Planning and conducting virtual Mago Pilgrimage to Korea

(Implementation of above projects is contingent upon the availability of fund.)


Join The Mago Pod

The term “pod” means a group of whales who travel together across the oceans throughout life time. Applied to us, it means those who swim through the waves of life with the Great Goddess in a broad sense and those who are connected with us in a tangible manner in a narrow sense. By calling us the Mago Pod, we intend to redefine ourselves in continuum and solidarity with animals and other species of the planet Earth. Those who are committed to the Cause of Magoism represent a motley community of Goddessians/Magoists who partake the collective effort of carving out the consciousness of We in S/HE in the early part of 21st century. We invite you to join the Mago Pod. Anyone who reveres the working of Goddess can join us, regardless of one’s skin color, sex/gender, nationality, sexuality, or class.

Here are some ways for you to connect and contribute to the Mago Pod.

  • We are seeking volunteer copy-editors and web-editors for Return to Mago and Mago Books. If you have some hours and can train yourself basic blogging skills via self-tutorials, please join our fabulous and committed editorial collectives! Contact: Helen Hwang (
  • Join us SNSs:

-Facebook: The Mago Circle

-Google + Community: Mago Place

-Linkedin: Mago Networks

-Twitter: The Mago Web

  • You can be a Return to Mago contributor:

  • You can propose a class or workshop to be hosted by Mago Academy:

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