Korean Historical Dramas

Changdeok Palace, Korea. Photo by Manfred Sommer, Flickr
Changdeok Palace, Korea. Photo by Manfred Sommer, Flickr

Online Class, Korean Historical Dramas (ongoing from Feb. 11, 2016)

This class can be taken as “a cultural retreat” during which one is invited to experience and explore the gift-giving legacy of Magosim (the mytho-historical-cultural matrix of the Great Goddess) steeped in the traditional Korean Culture! Enjoy the ride and let the rest work on your behalf! Korean Historical TV dramas will take you to a magical journey of self-transcendence to the core of your own issues in life. Meet our female and male protagonists who invoke a time-proven intelligence/dream/courage in you. Experience how they strike a chord beyond borders. We will dis-cover that we are not alone in our journey of Life. We will see that our mind/heart/soul is awakened to remember, cherish and love the Life that we are given!

Resource Group: Explore Hanguk/Korea

2017 Open Forum: Korean Historical Dramas

2016 Online Classes: Korean Historical Dramas


Learn about King’s Daughter, Subaekhyang 수백향

Ongoing Essay Contest on Subaekhyang.








Wennifer Lin: “… I’ve been itching to share with you picts of my daughter [Kaile’a] in her Halloween costume.  The outfit was inspired by one of our Korean Historical Dramas …. take a wild guess who she is???? 😉  We’ve been pretty slow with keeping up with our KHD online course, but what my little girl and I have managed to see so far has made a real impact …. as you can see!  She LOVES this character …. and is super proud to BE her!  In two of the picts, she’s with her hula sisters …. they had an early “HULAWEEN” celebration during class … very fun and so adorable!”

Wennifer Lin-Haver “Our daughter, Kaile’a, LOVED being Empress Ki for Halloween 2016. Since then, she’s continued to love Korean Historical Dramas with their many strong and deeply-inspiring female leads. Thank you Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Anna Tzanova for offering your ongoing open-forum Korean Historical Drama online courses — what a beautiful gift to us all!


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